September 27, 2012 By blogging

Non-Traditional Brand Interaction – Twitter

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Yesterday on Twitter, one of our favorite followers, @zacharywright showed us a hilarious interaction between two brands on Twitter. In the same vein as the OldSpice vs. Taco Bell tweets that gained a significant amount of attention, @AMCTheatres and @Oreo were able to take playful jabs at one another.

While these tweets may seem playful, there is a great brand lesson to learn here. In the same way that monitoring Google alerts is important, monitoring Twitter and tweets about your brand is vital to showing your brand’s character and making sure it is portrayed in the most positive of light. The ability to show company culture and personality is the name of the game on social media. While pundits believe it to be invasive, as marketers we know that it is important to capitalize on these opportunities. AMC Theaters and Oreo might not be involved in a traditional marketing alliance, but their ability to communicate with each other allows them both to be seen as companies that do not need a monetary incentive to play nice. Who knows, this interaction could even lead to an eventual partnership further down the road.

What is your favorite example of non-traditional brand interaction? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook.