September 28, 2012 By blogging

Great Guerilla Marketing Tactics

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As a companion to yesterday’s blog post about non-traditional brand interaction, we wanted to follow up with another story of two brands coming together. However, this case is different because it was actually one big prank. A costumed man walked into a McDonald’s restaurant in Rome, Georgia, dressed as the Burger King “King”. The man in question ended up handing out free hamburgers on the premise of fundraising before he left the restaurant.

The stunt was actually produced by a local comedy troupe called “Woodcreek Faction,” and not Burger King – who officially retired the King mascot in August 2011. However as previously discussed, it would have been great for either brand to mention the stunt, if not in a formal press release, than on their respective social media channels. It’s probable that these corporations are too busy to answer every mention of their restaurant. However, responding to a stunt like this shows off a broader spectrum of the brand’s personality – their ability to take a joke. Additionally, it would show that they are completely self-aware, even if they mentioned even small instances that were getting attention online. While this wouldn’t necessarily be labeled a fail on the part of either company, there was potential for a larger conversation to be had surrounding the stunt.

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