September 21, 2012 By blogging

Niles Paul is a CapriSun Juicehead

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Professional athletes are known for their speed and athleticism. However, as with many entertainment industries, widespread media coverage has allowed fans to get a more intimate view of their favorite players.  Niles Paul is a tight end for the Washington Redskins, who mentioned during this year’s training camp that he loved Capri Sun juice, but never wanted to bring his favorite flavor to the locker room, out of fear that his teammates would drink them all.

CapriSun responded by sending Paul a case of his favorite flavor, with all of the straws removed, and a foolproof method for keeping his juice safe: In place of the individual yellow plastic straws, they sent the unique silver version above. When Paul received the box full of his beloved of Capri Sun, one of his teammates actually did attempt to swipe a pouch, but was unable to enjoy the drink because of the lack of the signature straw!

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