June 22, 2018 By Integrate Agency

Grow Your Business Using the Integrate Agency Suite of Services

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Achieve New Heights with Our Public Relations, Social Media, and Digital Marketing Expertise

In the six months since Integrate Agency and Wellington Group Marketing & PR merged, we have touted our reputation as the first fully integrated public relations and digital marketing agency in Texas. And we haven’t rested on the laurels of that announcement – instead, we’ve focused on aligning our services so that we produce unprecedented success to our clients, both new and old.

What emerged from the two agencies becoming one is a collection of services unmatched by most of our regional peers. In 2018 alone, Integrate Agency has already won three 2018 American Marketing Association awards and four Bronze Quill Awards from the International Association of Business Communicators.

Integrate in Action

It’s one thing to claim that we combine traditional PR prowess and social media savvy with innovative digital marketing tactics and an intrepid attitude, but it’s another thing to have processes in place that ensures this happens.

Our team of highly skilled experts and professionals creates winning strategies that are completely customized to your company’s needs and goals. We work directly with you as part of your team, leveraging your marketing dollars in new ways so that you can reach your audience and set up your business for future growth.

We want you to succeed because we like to succeed. Ready to learn more about what we can do for your business and how we do it? We thought so.

Digital Marketing

When you choose to employ Integrate Agency for its digital marketing prowess, you’re bringing to bear decades of collected experience to enhance your company’s online presence. Whether you want to revamp your entire website, create an e-commerce experience that truly converts, craft an e-mail campaign that increases customer retention, or anything in between, we have the expertise to make your digital dreams come true.

Communication is crucial to the success of any project, since we believe in being upfront and transparent with the progress of our work. We work directly with your team to establish clear goals, set defined expectations, and determine distinct timelines. As part of regular meetings, you will receive regular reports that measure what’s important to you and screenshots of the work being accomplished.

Public Relations

Like any agency versed in classic PR techniques, we’re experts at the “smile and dial,” and we live by the mantra of “Always Be Pitching,” but Integrate Agency takes our efforts a step further by always choosing relevancy over saturation. Our mission is to connect your business with the right audience at the right time and for the right reasons.

From press releases and media coverage to special events, influencer partnerships, media training, crisis management, and more, we help you obtain the uplift in sales, notoriety, and attention that you need.

Social Media

While it started as an outcropping of digital marketing with a tangential relationship to public relations, social media has evolved into THE place to be for most brands. At Integrate Agency, we specialize in helping your business reach your customers with the right messaging so that they’ll engage with you directly and then with their friends about your products and services.

Not only will we design a playbook and content calendars tailored to fit your unique brand voice and goals, but we’ll also deliver consistent feedback and data about how your campaigns are progressing. You deserve to know exactly how your money is being spent and how your brand is regarded on social media, and we communicate that information to you directly.

Research and Consultation

At the apex of our services – the stuff that really sets apart from our competitors – sits our ability to provide deep insights into the big-picture nature of your business. By gaining a greater understanding about the context in which your business operates, we can better help you hone in on who really wants your product, who you’re up against in that marketplace, and how you can leverage that information to really differentiate your company in relation to your competition.

Our research and consultation resources represent the truly “integrated” nature of Integrate. When you put these services into play for your company, our digital marketing, public relations, and social media departments gain the marketing intelligence necessary to create creative campaigns that are deeply personal to your brand. We can then engage highly targeted strategies and tactics that help you reach the customers that will convert and the audience that will engage with you.

The Integrate Difference

Ultimately, Integrate Agency is committed to our clients. The only way we can feel successful is for you to BE successful. We initiated our merger in January 2018 because we wanted to create a single agency where a company can have all of its needs met in one fell swoop: digital marketing, public relations, social media, and business research. With all of these resources and services in one location, backed by a collection of highly motivated experts, you can pursue, achieve, and exceed your company’s goals.

To learn more about what Integrate Agency can do for you, check out our services or contact us today!