February 25, 2011 By blogging

Never Get Lost With Tooth-Tag

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There’s an exciting new Android app called Tooth-Tag that may save you some time in your every day schedule. Can’t remember where you parked? Tooth-tag can tell you. Looking for your laptop? Tooth-tag can help you.

Not only that, it can tell you what restaurants are nearby you, if your friends are at the same party as you…without either of you ever having to check-in. The icing on the cake? Tooth-tag does all this without any kind of GPS.

It utilizes Bluetooth capabilities along side Near-Field Communications and wifi to offer you a variety of information. You’re not limited to restaurants or forced to check-in to a venue; even better is the fact that it doesn’t suck up your battery life the way GPS does.

Tooth-tag uses wifi-based devices such as laptops and mobile phone as access points. The user then specifies what action they want to take place when their Android comes within an access point.

When you enter into the area of an access point, you can opt to receive mobile alerts or emails that provide you with a variety of social information, similar to the examples we gave above.

And even bigger bonus to this app…it’s free! Users can get the app at the Android Market online. The creators behind the app say they are working on an iPhone 4 version of this app, but say that iPhone 4 system does not meet all the requirements needed for the app to function.

This definitely sounds like an app worth looking into! If you’ve already used Tooth-tag, let us know how you like it. If you’re like us and haven’t used the app before….well it may be worth checking out. Who hasn’t forgotten where they’ve parked before, right?