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Nancy’s Top Three Super Bowl ads

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This year’s Super Bowl commercials definitely had our attention last night. They were funny, exciting, sad, inspiring, and some were just downright shocking (yes, I’m looking at you Nationwide). It’s not surprising that most of these commercials went the sad route. It always is an obvious trend for companies to take the emotional road with their commercials, as these seem to have the most impact. I was unfortunately let down that not many of them were as funny as seen in previous years, but considering the fact that we had seen pretty much all of them before the big game ever aired, we were prepared for the laughs and many, many tears. My top three commercials of the SuperbowlXLIX are below and I’d love to know if you agree or disagree on our Facebook page!


Their blackout pre-kickoff commercial was genius. I was definitely one of the many people who almost went into cardiac arrest from how annoyed I got that my TV provider had failed me once again AND seconds away from kick-off. However, seconds after the “fake” blackout, Chevy nailed the hammer on the head with letting the whole world know that their new Chevy Colorado will offer built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi. They also hinted that if the TV blacked out, we could stream the game inside their truck… Chevy, you’re evil, but you’re insanely awesome for doing that. Twitter blew up and honestly, gave me the hardest laugh I had all night. Here are some notable (and hilarious) tweets post the Chevy commercial.

Coca Cola

In 2014, the Internet was full of hate, ignorance and was just plain out ugly. Cyber-bullying was emphasized nationwide, there were multiple personal celebrity hacks and online trolls just couldn’t learn the meaning of “crossing the line.” In response, Coca-Cola’s ad inspired the world to reverse the negativity and hashtag #MakeItHappy in response to any troll’s comments. It’s smart, it’s simple and millennials get itForbes explained this perfectly in saying that millennial’s see the internet as “a way of life.” Nowadays millennials aren’t content to just watch and learn; the world’s tables have turned and they have engaging and participating with the brands and messages. According to Forbes, “Now that every consumer has a voice, the most successful brands will listen, inspire and engage and share messages their partners wants to hear, like #makeithappy.” 


The “dad” trend absolutely took flight this year. It’s interesting how many ads were focused on a different dad – not the lazy, beer drinking, football-watching one we are used to seeing in commercials and on TV, but one that is actually there for his kids. Thank you Madison Avenue for giving kids a dad to be inspired by! Toyota’s “My Bold Dad” commercial stuck out to me as it came with many tears and feels. Every little girl will always have a special place in her heart for her dad. Whether the relationship is distant or close, there’s no other love like this. Toyota’s commercial truly captured the beauty of growing up with an amazing father figure and the nation responded to it beautifully with sharing their own stories and dad moments all while using the hashtag #OneBoldChoice.

All in all, this year’s Superbowl commercials were mostly emotional with a few laughs here and there. While Nationwide was maybe the biggest fail, we are both talking about the brand and the issues they brought up, which is the point. Call it bluntness or honesty, some in the office thought this was in bad taste during a game of such big proportions, while others are impressed with the stand they took. After further research into the reasons of why this commercial would go this far, we saw that Nationwide had come out with another commercial that only ran in the local St. Louis area that “raised awareness” of their heroin and painkiller epidemic. The darkness of these commercials has angered many and made them feel incredibly uncomfortable during the big game, but again, that was the point.

What were your favorite commercials?


Written By Nancy Gutierrez