March 21, 2012 By blogging

My Social Media Job is Dead?!?

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Of the many panels at SXSW this year, Your Social Media Job is Dead struck a chord with us. While we were wary of a title that suggested uncertainness in our job security, the panel was a fresh perspective on the idea that you should not pigeonhole yourself into a job.

Natalie Rodic Marsan believes that the age of social media “mavens,” “gurus,” and other such titles were soon to be put to the wayside. Initially inclined to disagree with her opinion, she gave some thoughtful new insight. She stressed that when utilizing social media as a tool, it cannot be one’s entire strategy. Social media strategy is about being tactical and knowing when to use these tools and how to properly execute them. As social media can and should be used across many different internal positions, it is important to constantly evolve not only your skills in execution, but in your thought process in managing these tools. The panelist discussed the value of working across different jobs in order to learn and grow more than one set of skills.

As a perspective from inside the public relations field, we wholeheartedly believe that it is imperative to remember that all roles are perpetually changing and to be open to this. Not just in name but in scope of duty. For example, although we may call someone a “social media account executive,” when thinking about social media as an extension of an existing community, they may be more of a community manager. As technology shifts and roles change, Integrate Public Relations is committed to staying flexible and encourage other agencies and companies to do the same. In short, social media, public relations, journalism and all communication jobs may not be dead but they need to be open to constantly evolve.