September 15, 2015 By integrate

My first week at Integrate

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Hip-Hip hooray! Congrats recent PR graduates on landing an internship or job! Now, it’s time to get to work. I have officially been interning at Integrate for over a week, and I must say this is definitely not the notorious ‘run errands and grab coffee for the office’ type of internship. I have been able to sit in at staff meetings, research for clients, draft up a pitch and engage on social media, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.

The first week working at an agency can be pretty overwhelming. You want to make a good impression, show your worth and get along with everyone. I have come up with three pointers to keep in mind at the beginning of your internship:

1.Learn peoples’ names

Agencies come in various sizes; some have fewer than four, while others have more than 100 people on staff. At some point, you might have to answer the phone and you don’t want to hand the phone to the wrong person. I suggest making it a priority to put names with faces and learn the clients each person or account team handles.

2.Don’t worry, it’s coming

The first week may seem pretty easy.  During my first week, I went through orientation, set up my email and got acquainted with the various programs Integrate uses. But don’t worry – the work is coming! The cool thing about agencies is that there is always something that needs to get done or something someone needs help with. In the event you finish all of your work for the day, there are always opportunities for you to get your feet wet with other projects.


There are plenty of perks to working at an agency, outside of the unlimited amount of snacks and RedBull.

At an agency, you learn how to write in different voices, while catering to various customers. There is an extreme sense of teamwork and you will begin to realize that everyone leans on one another. Although this is just the beginning stage of my internship, I am excited for the ride!