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Meet the Team – Nate Selby!

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As you may have seen, we no longer refer to the staff at Integrate Public Relations as “the ladies.” We are so excited to add some testosterone to the group and introduce you to our newest addition to the team… Nate Selby! Get to know our intern turned full-time PR pro. Learn more about Nate’s appreciation of proper grammar, love of PR and the new friend he met at the Houston Rodeo!

How you got the job:

Not very exciting, but, I was the intern for a couple of months and then was hired full-time! I can only assume it was due to my awesomeness.

But really, after I graduated college I interned at another agency in Houston for a while, where my supervisor met Allie at the PRSA Houston PR Day. They started talking and she passed Allie’s information along to me. I immediately was very excited to learn about the unique approach to PR the integratePR team takes, so I contacted Allie in hopes of a new opportunity. We met twice over the next couple of months and eventually I was brought on as IPR’s newest intern. The rest is history!

What do you like most about working at IPR?

The best part about working at IPR is my fabulous officemates, and the opportunity to work in the ever-changing PR field.

Without question, the best thing about working in this industry is the spontaneity of the work. When you leave the office on Monday with a list of “to do’s” for the next day, you know that everything will change at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. You always have to be on your toes, ready for the next thing.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

I’m looking forward to career advancements. Putting the hard work in and seeing my big picture goals come to fruition.

Who is your role model/inspiration?

Tim Tebow? Is that allowed? I really don’t know. I guess just the upstanding noblemen and statesmen before me.

Where are you from?

Pretty much everywhere. I’ve lived all over the place from Japan to Minnesota, Florida to California.  The last place I lived before Houston was Ohio where I attended Bowling Green State University. If we’re going to talk colleges though, I have to mention my favorite team, the University of Florida Gators! 

So what has been your favorite adventure in Houston so far?

I went to the Houston Rodeo for the first time in a few years with my girlfriend in March and had a blast. I got to choose between standing next to a zebra and holding a baby kangaroo. You can see my choice below!

What’s on your desk?

When I’m at the office, it usually consists of a water bottle, pens and random pieces of paper for notes and lists. Organized chaos basically.

In my free time you can find me….

Trying new things. I enjoy experiencing all sorts of interesting aspects of cultures, whether it’s food, music or style. I’m game for pretty much anything.

One thing I’d like people to know about me:

I am a grammar (specifically AP style) control freak. In today’s society of texting and quick replies, I struggle with acronyms and am routinely irked by the misuse of grammar. It’s the small things I appreciate.