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Meet the Team – Jenny Selber

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It’s time to meet another fabulous member of our team. Jenny started work at Integrate last August and has made an amazing addition to the team. Learn more about Jenny’s passion for non-profits and see who keeps her company at her desk!

What’s your favorite thing about working in social media?

The constant and reliable changes – I thrive on change and work well in an environment where new opportunities are endless.

What is one of your best experiences with social media?

Last year, my entire extended family travelled to Key Largo for a cousin’s wedding.  Being that it was a destination wedding, my two great uncles (one of which was the grandfather of the groom) and my grandparents were not well enough to make the trip.  Fortunately, another family member brought his computer to the ceremony and Skyped my uncles and grandparents in.  They four watched the entire beach-front ceremony from their front row seat in Houston, Texas.  It was extremely moving for our entire family.  

What is your favorite life event/accomplishment to date?

This is tough, but I’d have to say Camp HOPE. AIDS Foundation Houston runs a week long camp for children with HIV/AIDS and I’ve served as a counselor for 9-11 year old girls during 5 different summers.  Working at camp truly puts life into perspective and being around these children tends to reinvigorate my year.  Each summer that I’ve volunteered at Camp HOPE has been irreplaceable and unforgettable.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

I’m looking forward to being around for big changes!  I can’t wait to see how both iPR expands and how the City of Houston continues to grow and change!

Who is your role model/inspiration?

Easy – my mom. She’s inspired me to find a job that allows me to give back.  I’ve volunteered and worked for and with several non-profit organizations. Working with iPR has been the perfect balance, as many of my clients are non-profits or organizations that really give back.  It’s been extremely rewarding to work with these types of businesses and I certainly owe my passion for both community and communications work to my mom.

What is one thing no one knows about you?

If I could move Houston (and all of my friends and family here) to Colorado (probably Telluride), I would. I absolutely love the time I spend in Colorado, but am far too attached to Houston to ever consider moving.

What’s on your desk?

Photos of loved ones – I’m inspired by photos and when I need a smile, turn to these. And of course, my Dwight Schrute bobble head!

One thing I’d like people to know about me:

I’m pretty much an open book. I’m not sure I can come up with one thing in particular that I’d like for people to know about me. I love meeting new people and building relationships, but I think most people already know this.