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Media Monday

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Media Monday: A quick an easy way to catch up on top stories in regards to social media and public relations.

At integratePR, we feel the need to stay connected, but we know it can be hard when you have kids running rampant, 9-hour business meetings, tickets to football games and more. We’ve compiled a list of five top stories floating around the Web this last week, and here they are:

  • Why there’s more to a good Twitter account than just followers: The title says it all. It’s important for businesses to realize that a solid, thought-out social media campaign is essential to gaining followers. You have to create meaningful relationships with consistently important information.
  • QR Code marketing: 5 tips for a successful campaign: Neomedia CEO, Laura Marriot shares her thoughts on how to implement a QR code campaign, and how it will increase your ROI.
  • Four ways to improve quotes in press releases: Author and editor of Impertinent Remarks, Laura Brockway, shares tips on how to write spectacular press releases that are far from cliché.
  • Branding, PR, and SEO: Send the right signals: Yes, SEO is crucial in getting your brand heard on the Internet, but Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting believes in the the bigger picture.
  • 4 Reasons Google Plus Will Make Hiring Harder: Getting hired is already tough in our economy’s current state, but with emerging tools, like Google Plus, times are going to get tougher. There’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and with Google Plus added to the mix, there’s more noise than ever on the Internet.

What stories have you found particularly interesting? Do share.