January 21, 2016 By integrate

Marketing in 2016: Four Trends for the Win

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In our industry, one thing is a constant: the communications sector is a fluid one, ever changing to stay up-to-date with the actions and attitudes of the businesses and consumers of the day. In order to stay more than current, our team is always watching out for and testing what could be the next biggest trends and tools that allow us to communicate better on your behalf. Some of our testing has just begun, many have turned into tried-and-true strategies, but the following four areas are ones we’re sure to stay on top of this year.

Social spending:

While we’ve been taking advantage of Facebook and LinkedIn advertising for quite some time, our team has already seen incredible results for clients who have trusted us to spend their ad dollars on Instagram and Twitter ads. While we don’t see Facebook spending slowing down, we certainly see our clients, and brands everywhere, taking advantage of Instagram advertising more and more every day as a way to target their audience to the most specific degree, and expect the biggest brands, with the largest budgets, to put their dollars behind Snapchat partnerships.


As younger demographics are shying away from Facebook and spending their time and energy on Instagram and Snapchat, the efforts of social media pros will be shifting right alongside their audiences. While we’ve loved experimenting on Snapchat through our Integrate account (follow along: @IntegrateTeam), we wouldn’t recommend a brand commit unless they have an interesting story to share and are willing to share that story AS it happens. What does this mean for our clients and their accounts? Well, you might just see more action behind-the-scenes, from the kitchens, live from events and more.




As our social networks become more crowded and customers are opting to scroll quickly when they do hop on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like, in order to capture their attention, we need to deliver content that speaks to them. High-quality, well-produced and quick videos do just the trick. Take a note from our client, Brian Gavin Diamonds, who has been changing the game on Vine since day one!

Expert contribution:

Have you worked with a member of the media lately? If the answer is “yes,” then you know they are busy, they are in-demand and they are working to meet what seems like a million deadlines all at once. Because of this, and because publications are working their tails off to deliver content in real time and by the droves, relying on the experts to share their insights continues to be important. While we’ve been working with publications to share our clients’ voices through expert contribution columns, both here in Houston and nationally, for as long as we can remember, the demand for this type of content seems to be even greater today than it was just a few short years ago. This year, take a note from our public relations acount executives and let publications know what makes you the expert in your field, and give them the tools to use you (and your knowledge) to give their readers the information they need.

As the year continues on, we’re sure to see the communications and marketing spaces shift, but for now, be sure to take advantage of today’s tools to maximize your presence.