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Making the best of your last semester in college

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As the spring semester begins for most colleges, I can’t help but rekindle thoughts of back when I had all the time in the world to graduate and get serious with life. Part of me thinks I feel “too calm,” but I know deep down that this is the calm before the storm. I’m graduating this May and I’ve decided to set some goals for my last semester of college. Not only does it feel great to have multiple goals going toward my finish line, but I also know many students will be able to relate to this when their last semester of undergraduate approaches.

1. Make it your best academic semester

Going out with a bang may sound like a cliché, but think of how much more accomplished you’ll feel when you rise above the “I’m done and over it” attitude. Invest in a cute planner to stay organized, put in extra reading hours, form more study groups and actually cultivate relationships with your professors. I guarantee your time will feel well-worth it when you’re fresh out of college and looking for your first full-time job . An all- A’s semester will be worth the while to you and your collegiate memories.

2. Network, network, network!

It is PRIME TIME to start networking! If you haven’t already, don’t fret because it’s seriously never too late. Lasting relationships don’t always take months to form. If you really click, a meaningful professional relationship can happen overnight or in a few days. Take your potential mentors out for coffee or lunch, let them know through your actions that you really value their time. Also, take advantage of the career fairs that your college offers. Face to face impressions are much more ever-lasting than an online resume submission. Finally, get involved! Take the gamble and run for an officer position. Leadership qualities developed within a student org. can help you tremendously in your transition from college to career.

3. Thank YOUR world

This is the time to say thank you. To your parents, friends, former/current bosses, and professors for putting up with you and your young adult breakdowns. Whether it was because you needed help paying next month’s rent to begging for the .5 points away from an A on the final. My recommendation? Write a letter. To my surprise, I always find the best (and college budget friendly) stationary at Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. They have a pretty wide variety of styles and honestly, there’s so many Kate Spade inspired ones that not buying them would give me shopper’s guilt. Not a fan of writing letters? Send an e-card but with a personal touch of your style. My current favorite has got to be the Paperless Post. It’s user friendly and filled with free designs that are great for any occasion! Ultimately, “Thank You’s” are a dying commodity that needs to be brought back to life even in the smallest ways. Your parents were there as your safety net, your friends were there in times of need, your boss gave you an opportunity and your professors helped develop your skill-set for your dream job. Just remember that the happiest people out there are the most thankful.


Written By Nancy Gutierrez