Make the Most of Your Internship

As most undergrads and recent college graduates know, landing an internship is an exciting time. Internships can provide you with valuable experience and, in some cases, lead to your first “real” job. My college professors and parents always told me to “do something you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life.” When I happily accepted the Public Relations Intern position with IPR I was hoping that I would enjoy the work I would be doing. 

Before my first day at IPR I was nervous; my mind was filled with questions like “What will I be doing?,” “Who will I be working with?” and “What will the work environment be like?”. Of course, during the interview process, the overarching duties of the internship were explained to me, but I was still nervous about the type of client work I would be doing.

Since the first day of my internship, I’ve been given plenty of interesting, exciting work and have been assisting account executives and supervisors with various client work. For those of you out there hoping to get the most out of your PR internship here are some things I hope you’ll find useful.

  • Be yourself. I know it can be intimidating to be the new person in the office, but it’s important that you stay true to yourself. The company you’re interning with got a glimpse of your personality while reviewing your resume and interviewing you. With that being said, it’s safe to say they liked what they saw during the interview process. Plus, staying true to yourself will make you feel more comfortable in your new work environment!
  • Ask questions. The saying “no question is a dumb question” is true. We’ve all learned about blogging and writing news releases in school, but make sure you understand how the company you’re interning with does these things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because there’s always something to be learned from the questions asked.
  • Be attentive. To get the most out of your internship you must be attentive. Follow instructions, pay attention to detail and provide quality work for the company you’re working for. By doing these things you will simultaneously prove yourself and your worth to your co-workers. Also, be attentive to your co-workers and superiors. They have the experience and ability to teach you things school just doesn’t prepare you for.

An internship is a great experience and it will provide you with a readiness to enter the  “real” world, so make the most of it!

Written by: Julia Parsons