Pivot Don't Pause Your Social Media Strategy Webinar

Make the Proactive Pivot to Find Social Media Success

While the world is definitely changing, sitting still is not an option. You don’t have the time to wait for the roller coaster ride to end before you act. And while this is true for your marketing efforts as a whole, it’s especially imperative for social media –  a medium that’s notorious for rapid shifts in formats, reach, and activity. The last several months have been a veritable whirlwind for audiences and platforms alike.

In the newest installment of the “Pivot, Don’t Pause” webinar series from Integrate Agency, we’ll walk you through the latest data and developments in social media. We also deliver key insights into what you should be doing online through your preferred profiles, including how to:

  • Define your customer and your audience (who aren’t necessarily the same people)
  • Deliver a differentiated message that offers true value (without saying the same thing on every channel)
  • Build lasting relationships (because they take time and effort)
  • Take meaningful conversations to your website (where you own the conversion process)
  • Amplify your social messaging through other channels and vice versa (always integrate your efforts)

We want to give you the tools that help you make the right decisions for your business so that you can find success even in our upside-down world.