August 6, 2013 By blogging

Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

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As the Shark Week hoopla kicked off this weekend, it got me thinking about how Discovery Channel keeps things fresh year after year. Millions of people look forward to this one week where they can glue themselves to their TV sets and enjoy shark palooza for hours on end. Not being a Shark Week aficionado myself, it got me thinking how different are this year’s shows compared to last year’s line-up? Are we really learning anything new?

After watching an hour or two of shark shows, I quickly realized many of these scientists dedicate their lives to learning about these unique sea creatures. They will stop at nothing to learn more, many times putting their lives at risk as they test new techniques and search for answers. After seeing two people almost get eaten by the mythical Megalodon shark, I thought for sure these people are nuts. But then it hit me, this is their job and they are extremely passionate about it, not unlike me the rest of the Integrate Public Relations Team.

We spend hours researching the latest trends in Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing and have no fears when it comes to testing and trying these new ideas, products and trends. Just like shark scientists spend days, weeks and months uncovering more about the king of the sea. Although we aren’t riding the back of a whale trying to capture the perfect shark attach shot, we often are riding a fine line of risk and reward. You have to put yourself out there and not be afraid to fail. With high risk, comes high reward and we’ve definitely had great success for our business as well as for our clients.

If we never challenge ourselves to learn more or try new things, we would get nowhere. Think of a world without Facebook, Twitter or Shark Week, we can’t even bare the thought!

So whatever your passion is, be sure to think big, ask questions and try new things. Live every week like it’s shark week!

Written by: Ashley Tucker