March 11, 2015 By integrate

Let The Conversations Begin!

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We love to watch dialogue spark about brands’ newest campaigns; today we’re most intrigued by Target’s newest marketing campaign, #SinTraduccion. This is Target’s first attempt to solely focus on its Hispanic millennial consumers, demonstrating the importance of understanding your audience and investing in opportunities that will strengthen the relationship between a brand and specific niche audiences. The big news was announced last week on the retailer’s blog, “A Bullseye’s View,” and has been buzzing on socials ever since!

#SinTraduccion, which means “no translation” in English, presents non-translatable Spanish terms that celebrate special moments treasured by consumers in the Latino community. The campaign includes unique TV placements, highlighting Spanish terms like “Arrullo” (which refers to the perfect atmosphere to put a baby to sleep) on Univision and Telemundo. However, what has us buzzing is its social media focus, particularly on Target’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a way to create a dialogue between this particular niche audience and the Target brand, the retailer invited its Hispanic guests to deepen their relationship with the brand by sharing their own untranslatable Spanish words and engaging in conversations on socials. As a result, since the March 8th launch, the #SinTraduccion campaign has generated positive engagement on Twitter, and has caught the attention of Latina bloggers. While this experiment has just begun, we suspect Target’s pull strategy with this new audience will continue to create positive buzz for Target and may soon have competitors following in the same footsteps.

Here at Integrate, we understand the importance of maintaining a strong dialogue between clients and their audiences, and our Social Media #Rockstars often create effective social media campaigns that deliver our clients’ messages in a manner that will resonate with their perspective audience. Whether it’s creating a dialogue through a rodeo-themed #RegramtoWin contest for our client, JerryBuilt Homegrown Burgers, or engaging in a Pie Q&A Facebook session with the sweet Bobby Jucker from Three Brothers Bakery, we tailor our clients’ efforts to create the most effective campaigns and generate the most engagement from their niche audiences.

It’s not always a walk in the park, but we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients’ message is delivered, and more importantly, that their messages resonate with their target audiences to drive traffic or sales. We can relate to, and appreciate, creative initiatives like #SinTraduccion that not only empower different cultures, but also set the bar high for other brands with its exemplary strategic efforts connecting with a niche audience. Great job, Target.

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Written By Stefanie Pascacio