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Launching A Successful Social Ad Campaign for Major Sales

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Launching A Successful Social Ad Campaign for Major Sales

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, retailers are scrambling to find ways to boost sales this season. While many businesses turn to traditional advertising, it’s vital in this day and age not to overlook social media marketing.

To be successful during the major shopping days in November, draft a social media marketing plan and stick with it. Use these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to driving traffic to online or brick-and-mortar stores, to give sales for the quarter a boost.

Prioritize Social Advertising

Social media is sometimes the last thing on the mind of marketers and sales professionals, because they have so many other markets they want to reach through direct mail, TV/Radio advertising and even 3rd party email campaigns. The truth of the matter is that these broadcast methods of reaching consumers are not as effective as they used to be. More people are turning to streaming services to beat the costs of cable TV, and few people open every piece of mail they receive. Then there’s the issue of email. Open rates for consumers who aren’t loyal to the brand or are being introduced to your brand for the very first time are extremely low. The string that ties together effective broadcast marketing is – Social Media Marketing.

Make a concentrated effort to put more of your time and energy into social, and then put funds behind these efforts to make them shine and warm consumers up to your brand. Work out a plan for what advertisements will go on which channels, budget leaving a lot of room for adjustment, and be prepared to put extra dollars behind posts that perform exceptionally well.

Go Where Your Audience Is

Too many marketers are striving to promote their posts on Facebook, without thinking about other channels that could boost their sales. As demographics on social media shift, the audiences you can reach on each channel are also changing. Know the demographic you want to market your products to, and go where that audience is on social media.

If you want to reach young professionals, you may not find many on Facebook. Instead, these people tend to flock to Twitter and Instagram. If you want to reach the up-and-coming generation, you’ll really need to think outside of the box. Gen Z is less engaged on social media where “long-living” posts reside, and many of our youth are reporting that they don’t use social media at all. However, you are much more likely to find these consumers on Snapchat or using the Instagram Story feature. You’ll need to get creative to market your brand on this platform – think about creating Geotags for your brick-and-mortar, using Instagram stories to display exclusive discount codes or creating in-story advertisements.

Don’t forget about Pinterest! Not only do the demographics of Pinterest range across the board – you can even sell directly from your pins. Its a great tool to visually present your brand as a lifestyle and provide the exact details consumers need to make a purchase.

Email Marketing + Social Media Marketing = <3

Not only is it vital to use organic and paid posts to encourage more followers to sign up for your Newsletter list but its also important to use your Email list to increase your Social Following.


Offer exclusive sales or discount codes solely to those on your subscriber list, you’ll quickly see your email list grow with subscribers who are more likely to make a purchase. Retailers who use social media and email marketing to co-market sales have seen open rates of 70%^ and an 18%^ CTR.


Almost all channels offer the option to upload your contact lists to create look-a-like audiences or to deliver dynamic ads directly to your subscribers whether they follow you or not. Use this method to increase your page following, increase engagement and drive “Exclusive” subscriber sales. If you are looking to utilize 3rd party email lists click here to learn more about effective ways to integrate your efforts with Social Media.

No matter where you reach your audience, social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy. When you post quality content on the right channels, mixed with your other marketing efforts you’ll increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns many times over.