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Kanye Does It Again. Yeezus.

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Music’s biggest night kicked off Sunday night with the 57th Annual Grammy Awards and this year’s show was hotter than ever with some amazing performances. The Grammy Awards is notorious for it’s red carpet, high fashion round up, and unpredictable performances (yes, we mean you Kristen Wiig). Some of our favorite Grammy moments this year included kicking the Grammy’s off with a blast from rock’s past, AC/DC, watching artist of the night, Sam Smith, and his heartfelt duet with Mary J. Blige on his smashing hit “Stay With Me,” and seeing Pharrell Williams give Taylor Swift’s dance moves the stink eye.   

However, our ultimate favorite Grammy moment of the night goes to Mr. Kanye West. For those of you that missed the award show Sunday night, Mr. West pulled a “Kanye” on Beck, after he was announced the winner for “Album of the Year.” Don’t get us wrong, we were all surprised Beck took home the award, especially running against Beyonce, Pharrell, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran. Of course, leave it to Kanye to take away the spotlight and turn what should have been Beck’s moment into another painful 2009 MTV Award Show moment. While Kanye didn’t fully recreate his Taylor moment with Beck by interrupting his speech, he sure put America’s power couple Jay Z and Beyonce, in a panic. And it didn’t take long before his stunt was a trending topic on social media and had Grammy fans quickly responding to this unprecedented Grammy moment.

What was even more astonishing was the number of articles that circulated online once the award show was over. The Washington Post, NBC News, and Business Insider were some of the many publications that recapped the incident, and named this Kanye moment one of the main highlights of the Grammys. If that wasn’t enough, an exclusive interview with the “Only One” superstar confirmed that his intentions weren’t accidental and went on to express how award shows like the Grammys, limit artists’ creativity. While there were a lot of Grammy winners this year (none of them including Yeezy), Kanye West was the winner on social media Sunday night.

Award shows are always fun to watch for their unpredictability. While the majority of Grammy watchers simply tune in to the show to watch a favorite artist perform, us PR professionals tune in with our ‘crisis mode’ hats on, and even off duty, can’t help but to focus more on the wrong than the right. With unforeseen situations such as these where celebrities are caught in a brief flop, we recommend responding in a positive manner to shift any negative attention away from your client. For example, while Kanye might not care as much, we applaud Beck’s PR team for the way they handled this crisis. Beck’s team handled the situation extremely professional and could not have given a kinder response to the whole scenario, proving that Kanye could use some much needed etiquette classes. In conclusion, it turned out to be a good night for Beck as his Spotify streams spiked tremendously thanks to the Grammys, and probably the extra attention Kanye sent his way!

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Written By Stefanie Pascacio