June 24, 2014 By admin

Settling Down in Houston, Texas

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I’ll be honest; my body wasn’t made for the heat.  I can’t blame it; I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life until very recently when I transplanted to Houston, TX to work as a PR and social media intern at Integrate.  It was 85 degrees when I parked my car outside of my apartment (after roughly driving 24 hours from Canton, MI).  All Houstonians can understand my discomfort as I carried box, after bag, after box, of my belongings up and down three flights of stairs.  When the thermometer read 85 degrees in Michigan you either found a beach or stayed inside until it cools down… but in Texas, I saw people wearing pants (what?!). I know, it is only going to get hotter, and from my understanding if you step outside in August you’ll burst into flames.  I can only hope I will be more adapted to the heat by then and that my apartment complex’s pool is kept cool.

I can name a few things immediately that are different in Texas than in Michigan, and the first that comes to mind are the roads – expressways here look like rollercoasters!  The first time I entered one of those crazy high ramps I almost panicked, not to mention that I had to cross eight lanes just to get off at the right exit.  Another major difference would be the foliage (a lot more palm trees than evergreens), and all the critters that live in them.

Besides the heat and traffic (and weird bugs), I must say that I am smitten with my new home.  There is culture and adventure everywhere in Houston, and I have a colossal list of new things to try.  The first on my list is to take advantage of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s name days.  From June 15 to July 14, 2014, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas will be giving away a free movie ticket and popcorn each day to the lucky individuals with their names on this list.  My name is among the chosen few, and I am definitely taking advantage of this great deal!  It’s I have also yet to try real Texas BBQ, and I’ve heard a few to try, including, of course, Goode Company. I am a self-proclaimed sugar-addict and will also be a frequent customer of Three Brothers Bakery, a Houston landmark and dessert extraordinaire.

Although it has barely been a month since I’ve been an official Texas resident, I couldn’t be more eager to settle in, explore the city and make memories. I am always sure to brag about Houston when talking to my Michigan friends, and am also already starting to use the phrase “y’all!”

Written by Emily Bouse