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IPR’s "Tonight Show" Host Choices

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News broke yesterday that Jay Leno is retiring from his 22-year stint as the host of NBC’s Tonight Show. NBC announced Jimmy Fallon, a speculated choice by media, will be Leno’s successor when his contract ends in spring 2014. People have had mixed reactions to Fallon being placed into the position of late night king. Even though Leno is irreplaceable, some are suggesting personalities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson or Conan O’Brien would be a better fit for the Tonight Show. As media aficionados, the ladies of IPR have come up with a few people that we feel were overlooked to host the Tonight Show. The host must be entertaining, hilarious, sharp and fearless. We think the following candidates meet these requirements:

Tina Fey and/or Amy Poehler 

While each side-splittingly witty in their own right, when paired together, Tina and Amy are an unstoppable comedic force. Who can forget their hosting gig at the Golden Globes where they made every American laugh until they cried? Just imagine being able to share every night with these brilliant funny[wo]men. 

Anderson Cooper

Anderson is one of America’s best hard-hitting journalists. Not only is this silver fox dangerously intelligent and clever, but also he’s adorable. Who can forget his famous giggle fits? His intellect and humility would be refreshing among the slew of late-night comics. 

Rebel Wilson

Miss Wilson has taken America by storm since she stole the show in both Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect. It seems that people can’t help but laugh at everything that comes out of this Australian comic’s brassy mouth. Rebel’s true test will come later in the month when she hosts the MTV Movie Awards.   

Andy Samberg

Ever since he joined the SNL cast and shared his “Digital Shorts” and Lonely Island Club music with the world, Andy has had a cult following. If Jimmy Fallon can make the transition from SNL to late night talk shows, so can Andy. Plus, if he hosted the Tonight Show, Justin Timberlake would probably make frequent guest appearances. 

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson

We’re kidding about this one… Kind of. You have to admit the kid has a knack for one-liners.How do you feel about Jimmy Fallon being named the new Tonight Show host?

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