March 4, 2011 By blogging

iPad 2 Already Threatens Samsung’s Tablet

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Samsung recently released their Android based tablet, in an effort to become the first major contender to Apple’s tablet reign. However, the announcement of the upcoming iPad 2 and its new features already has Samsung in a scramble.

Samsung representative admitted that some of the new features on the iPad 2 make their Galaxy Tablet look “inadequate”. They are particularly envious of the thinness of Apple’s latest iPad and hope to apply that to their future tablets.

Samsung has also said they may have to rethink the cost of their 10.1 inche Galaxy tablet, which was originally slated to retail at a higher price because of its larger screen. Apple has announced the price range for the new iPad somewhere between $499-$829.

Samsung fears that their original price is too high within the Apple range and customers would rather spend the extra hundred to get the iPad 2. So the Galaxy Tablet may see a cut in price.

Right now it is estimated that the new Apple tablet will retail at around $629. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if customers will take to tablets that are not Apple-made. Would you consider purchasing an Android based tablet from a brand like Samsung or are you Apple through and through?