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Interning At Integrate

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Friday, May 22nd, marked my last day at Integrate and I could not feel more bittersweet about leaving. I am sad to leave some of the best #PRrockstars in Houston, but I am excited to conquer my future as a recent college grad and new PR pro. Before my internship, many of my skills still needed refining, but now I feel much more prepared for the “real world.” Here are some of the biggest takeaways from my Integrate internship experience:

~ BE the brand. Before my internship, I already had plenty of experience doing in-house communications and marketing for a non-profit and the higher-ed sector. While those experiences taught me plenty, nothing was more valuable than being able to put on a variety of hats, multiple times a day. At the start of my internship, I thought that I was going to successfully create content by just switching up my vocabulary and photos. Well, I quickly learned that was not the case. Transitioning socials from a restaurant to the real estate industry in a matter of minutes was definitely tough, but I managed and excelled at being able to mentally multi-task.

~ Research, research, research! While it blew my mind sometimes, I would have never imagined the amount of research public relations professionals do on a daily basis. I now understand the importance of really knowing clients’ competitors and audiences when creating content for their social media pages. In the past few months, I was able to seamlessly start and finish an editorial calendar from scratch just by knowing whom we want to reach, what they want to hear and why it’s important to them.

~ Patience is KEY. Creating a few competitive analyses and gathering media lists did more than just teach me the importance of research but it taught me how to be more patient. There were times where I frantically searched the web for something I could not find and, embarrassingly, I would let it defeat me. Each time, I had to pick myself up after taking a few minutes and try again with a clear mind. Agency life and the PR world are both high-stress, but with the right mindset, we are all able to work successfully.

I encourage all college students who are pursuing a career in public relations to #KUWI (Keep Up With Integrate), as they’re one of the most successful agencies here in Houston! You may even be their next PR and Social Media intern. In any case, they will keep you updated with all of the happenings in the Houston PR community.

If you have any tips for this new PR pro, shoot me a tweet! I would love to hear from you. 

Written By Nancy Gutierrez