August 1, 2014 By integrate

IntegratePR is now “Integrate”

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Big news today folks! 

We’ve always been offering more than just “PR” services as a way to make sure we are ahead of the curve and effectively communicating with our clients’ audiences. To better demonstrate this, we are officially dropping the “public relations” from our name and will simply be called “Integrate” to showcase our ability to integrate everything in our communications campaigns – not just public relations.

This week marks our 5-year anniversary and this rebranding is something that has been on our roadmap for quite some time, so we are thrilled to bring this to fruition!

This name change reflects that we have become so much more than just PR – our services have far expanded since we started in 2009 to include crisis management, graphic design, full-service marketing, media buying, and event coordination, in addition to our award-winning public relations and social media services.

Integrate’s new logo design and website represent the upward business growth that clients can expect to see when working with Integrate; the exclamation mark is reflective of the excitement and passion from the team when working on a campaign. The agency is dedicated to strategic, thoughtful communications, bold campaigns that capture targeted audiences’ attention and, above all, integration across all communication channels.

Written by: Allie Danziger