August 12, 2015 By integrate

Inspiration and the Creative Zone

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Creativity is a one of the most important skills needed in the public relations world, from writing daily social media posts to designing advertisements and off-the-wall strategic plans that both get people talking and capture the target audience to do something. Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay creative or find new sources of inspiration. Here are some of my sources of inspiration and how I get into the creative zone.


Public relations is, at its roots, storytelling. Reading, watching or listening to stories can inspire your own stories. Personally, I listen to podcasts, such as EOS 10 and Welcome to Night Vale, and some of my coworkers listen to Serial and Undisclosed. Binge watching new shows or revisiting your favorite book, while being a great opportunity to relax, can also lead to inspiration.

Take a Break

Take a break from your normal routine. Visit a local museum or gallery to view new art shows. Take a walk in a nearby park. Attend a symphony or concert. Changing up routines can provide a new ways of thinking.

Try New Things

This is especially important in the world of social media. New social networks are popping up everywhere and you have to try them all out to stay ahead of the curve. New networks provide different ways to communicate and thus new ways to be creative. I’m off to try out Beme.


Headphones and Pandora stations are a common sight at the Integrate office. Whether it’s classical, Taylor Swift or the latest Screwston playlist, music can get you into the creative zone for the day. Find an album or artist that gets your creative juices flowing.


As Will Smith said in Hitch, “You can’t really know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” Research what others are doing in your field. Research what’s going on around the world today. Research what holidays are coming up, no matter how obscure. Each piece of research could be the seed for a new idea.

Talk It Out

If I’m stuck in a creative rut, I always try to talk to someone about the problem. Talking with someone, especially if they aren’t working on the same project, can shine a new light on the subject. Integrate rock stars are no stranger to brainstorming sessions around the conference table. Everyone has a different perspective, so you should use their unique ways of thinking.

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