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Improving Engagement on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

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We at integratePR are always testing different methods of when to best post on Facebook to get the highest engagement for both ourselves and our clients. Buddy Media released a new study that may change the way we leverage brands’ Facebook pages. The company surveyed 200 of its client’s pages to determine what factors gave Facebook posts the most chance of success.

Loyal followers of our blog will not be surprised to learn that more often than not, timing is the biggest factor on Facebook post (as we discussed last week after a Webinar, The Science of Timing)…and as Buddy Media’s study reports, during work hours is the worst time to post! While this does make practical sense (we are supposed to be working during 9-5, not playing on Facebook, right?), we were surprised to see this as well, especially since we spend a good part of our work day on Facebook!

Brands that post outside of business hours had 20% higher engagement rates than brands that post within the 9 to 5 workday. There are three peak times for Facebook engagement; they are 7 am (before work), 5pm (after work), and 11pm (nightowls anyone?).

Engagement can also be affected by the day of the week. Thursday has the highest rate of engagement, followed by Friday, and then—believe it or not—Sunday. The day that has the lowest engagement is Saturday, so keep that in mind when posting outside of work.

Overall weekends have a strong engagement for media brands, but most media brands post throughout the week. You may consider shifting your posts a bit so that you can have the highest chance of engaging with your target audience.

The study also shows that the more concise the post the better. Posts with 80 characters or less received 27% more engagement than longer posts. They also recommend shortening a URL through sites like tinyurl or bit.ly if you plan on including it in the post.

The results also indicate that asking for participation, for example asking fans to share a story on the page or to ‘like’ a post, will increase engagement. Fans love interacting with brands, especially when they’re actually asked to.

We’re going to be testing this out over the next few weeks and will keep you posted on what we learn. Please feel free to share what you have learned about proper times and days for brands to post online… we’d love more insight into this!