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Connect with Integrate Agency on Pinterest

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Connect with us on Pinterest! 

Want to get more of an inside look at the minds of IPR? Come pin with us and see great boards filled with inspiration and fun from each of our team members. We’re also pinning the best things we love, like cool infographics, great examples of guerilla marketing campagins and of course, our favorite spots around Houston. If you’re already a savvy pinner, we’d love to connect, and if you’ve yet to pin, let’s learn some things together!

Battle of the sexes? – Gentlemint

As Pinterest spreads like wildfire throughout the social media community, there has been a lot of discussion about its mostly female audience. With marketers looking to either leverage this large female demographic to their best interests or incorporate more males into the fold, one group decided it was time that men got their own boards too.

Enter the Gentlemint, “a mint of manly things” is similar to Pinterest, yet contains boards that are more tailored to the male perspective. As it is still in beta testing, we don’t have an invite just yet. While similar to Pinterest, pinners on Gentlemint tend to stray away from the popular boards that pin “wedding ideas” and “DIY crafts” instead finding “the best classic colognes” and “Charlie Chaplin’s greatest speech ever.”


While Pinterest has taken off, it remains to be seen if Gentlemint will get off the ground following Beta testing – would you Pin something to Gentlemint?