April 20, 2012 By blogging

Work Etiquette on Facebook

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We obviously love our social networks… (wouldn’t have jobs without them AND) these channels offer opportunities for direct communication between businesses and consumers that have changed the face of marketing forever. However, there can be a detriment when people end up posting information that may have been best left offline.

Increasingly, situations have shown up in the news about people getting in trouble for what they have posted on a social site. A TIME survey reports that in over 700 cases in the past two years, Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were cited as evidence in a courtroom. Earlier this week the @integratepr twitter account posted a story of a man who was arrested after “showing off” a picture of himself siphoning gas out of a police cruiser. Today, a member of the secret service was fired for posting about “checking out” Sarah Palin.

The message here is that social networks themselves are not to blame! Facebook does not FORCE you to make the decision to do something naughty like skip work and post a picture of your margarita on Facebook at 3pm. Although the network encourages you to share, it is ultimately up to each person to decide what to share! People will continue to utilize social networks, but at IPR we encourage y’all to practice best judgment, both off and online!