November 2, 2012 By blogging

Hurricane Sandy Takes Social Media By Storm

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This past weekend one of the most devastating hurricanes, Hurricane Sandy, moved through the northeast leaving a majority of people without power and many without their homes. As the Sandy moved closer to land, her social media presence increased. Many people in the northeast were tweeting and posting their thoughts on the approaching hurricane to their Facebook pages. Who ever thought a national disaster like a hurricane would find its voice through social media? Once Sandy was near approaching land, a number of Twitter accounts were created all claiming that they were the voice of the looming storm, tweeting her “thoughts” and actions as she approached land in a witty and comical way, almost mocking the impending damage she would cause throughout the upcoming hours (as you can see from their bios).

Is it in poor taste to mock something that has negatively affected the lives of so many, or, are these anonymous Twitter accounts helping to bring comic relief to something so tragic? From the looks of a majority of the tweets from these Hurricane Sandy accounts, our vote is that they’re a little too lighthearted. Although these accounts may be using funny movie quotes, memes and jokes to relay the damage caused in a silly voice, it is important to consider the emotions of the people whose lives have been uprooted by Sandy. In a situation like this, it can be difficult to distinguish between being funny and insensitive, especially in 140 characters or less.

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