August 12, 2011 By blogging

How to Blend Fun and Success: The Story of Blendtec

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Finding a way to connect with an audience is tough— especially when they have never heard your company’s name. Thanks to social media, companies around the world have a new and incredibly effective outlet to advertise their products and services in creative ways. Take Blendtec, designer and seller of blenders for home and commercial use, for example. Unimpressed with sales achieved with traditional styles of marketing, Blendtec embarked on a remarkable social media campaign that connected with potential customers through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The pinnacle of their social networking campaign came with the now famous, “Will It Blend?” YouTube series.

The “Will It Blend?” series showcased the product’s amazing ability to “blend” not just smoothies, but golf balls, iPhones, and even a Justin Bieber doll. Blendtec captivated millions on YouTube and other social media outlets, which gave them a claim to fame and, in turn, helped them sell an astonishing number of products. The YouTube series showed potential customers exactly what they were buying— a reliable, powerful and easy to use product.

Blendtec continues to make “Will It Blend?” videos that acquire hundreds of thousands (and occasionally millions) of views, which shows how enormous the reach is to potential customers. Even more importantly, each individual who watches a video tells another, which then goes viral and helps spread the word of Blendtec. Due to the explosion of viewers who have seen the videos, Blendtec blenders are synonymous with powerful technology to millions of people around the world. By creating exciting content and utilizing digital media to its full potential, similar to Blendtec’s remarkable rise to corporate success, we here at integratePR can help your business experience similar results.