August 21, 2014 By integrate

How to Be Active at the Office

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We know we’ve heard it 100 times before, but sitting for hours at a time really is one of the worst things for overall health.  Even though Integrate stays busy with meetings, events and other PR and social media needs for our clients, our day-to-day tasks can leave us working at our desks for hours at a time.  In order to avoid the multitude of negative side effects of sitting for extended periods, we’ve created a list of ways to get up and moving more often while at work!

It’s the little things that count
We wish we could walk or bike to work (what a wonderful commute that would be) but due to distance or weather, that option isn’t always practical.  Instead, we can do small things that help us stay active!  Our favorite tricks include taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking far from the entrance to the building.  If you work in a large office or a building with multiple floors, try using the restroom that is farthest away from you, you’ll be surprised how those extra steps add up. 

Let technology help you out
We love technology that makes our lives easier.  One of our clients, G&A Partners, held a FitBit challenge at their headquarters to promote a healthier work lifestyle. The wireless wristband tracks physical activity including steps and sleep habits. Knowing how active (or inactive) you are can encourage you to make smarter choices that’ll help you become more mobile at work. Wearable fitness gadgets are not the only thing that’ll help you be active! The Wherever Workout app gives timed, detailed instructions for routines that can be done in a small office space. It’s a great alternative to hitting the gym for those on the go.  

Encourage others to take movement breaks
Get your office neighbor involved and active with you by setting an alarm every hour to do some stretching or strolling.  Instead of filling up inboxes the next time you have a simple question for a coworker, try walking to his or her office and asking in person. Another tip: the next time you have a meeting with a colleague see if he or she wouldn’t mind conversing while walking outside or on a track.

We love staying active (and social) outside of our office too!  Some Integrate pros have joined kickball leagues and members of our office have signed up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2014 event on Oct. 4.   We know that staying healthy helps us do our best work, which makes us that much motivated to stay fit.