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How IPR Celebrates Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is a day of “super” indulgences. Everyone treats themselves to an excess of hot wings, dips, beer and of course, hours of football [and commercials]! The coveted game is as American as apple pie, and it prompts people to celebrate football, extreme marketing efforts, and delicious food and libations. Always up for festivities, the IntegratePR team members each partake in their own unique Super Bowl activities. Read below to see what the ladies said when asked about their Super Bowl traditions, favorite memories, or plans for this Sunday!

Allie- “At the party I went to last year we played Bingo that included things from the commercials (a talking animal), as well as things in the game, like players making certain plays, and at the party (as in a square when someone spills their drink). It was a lot of fun!”

Adrienne- “My friend from Baltimore special ordered crab cakes from Maryland and we’ll be watching the game at his house enjoying authentic crab cakes.”

Andrea- “I generally enjoy the Super Bowl. For the past few years, I’ve been watching it at home, but this year I might find myself at a watch party. I’ve been perusing Pinterest for fun, healthy Super Bowl snack recipes, and I think I’ve found a few that I’m going to try out. I’m looking forward to seeing what the ad executives have cooked up for their respective Super Bowl ads, which is always an exciting pastime. What I’m most looking forward to, however, is Beyonce’s half-time performance! My friends and I started a countdown the week after she was announced as the headliner, and have generally been discussing the game as a Beyonce concert flanked by two halves of football!”

Jenny- “I make my famous “buffalo hot wing dip” and head to a friend’s house (this year I’ll be at my cousin’s house) and hang out with friends! I always eat too much and end up falling asleep way too early, or mid-game.”

Jessie- “My favorite Super Bowl tradition is pretty low key: having friends over to grill burgers, drink some frosty beverages, and discuss our favorite commercials. They get more and more ridiculous ever year! I’m also really excited to see Beyonce perform this year!”

Kaitlyn- “I’m more of a basketball fan but I love it when the Super Bowl rolls around because of the food, obviously. All the unhealthy, cheesy dips and then hamburgers, followed by cupcakes decorated like little football helmets. Seriously it’s the best. Especially the cupcakes.”

Laura- “I am too much of a girl because I prefer to watch the Puppy Bowl, go shopping, or see a movie. Stores and movie theaters are always empty on the afternoon of the Super Bowl, so I take advantage!” 

Mary- “When my team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl (which unfortunately has been happening much too frequently), my favorite part of the Super Bowl is watching the commercials. There is always a ton of hype around the commercials and since they spend a crazy amount of money on them, judging them is more exiting. This year, I will be watching the commercials but I will also be rooting for my fellow Blue Hen, Joe Flacco.”

What are your Super Bowl traditions and what are you planning for the big game against the Ravens and 49ers? Let us know on our Facebook page!