August 15, 2012 By blogging

Holy Tithing goes Hi-Tech

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We see glimpses into the 21st century at every turn, and sometimes we find them in the places that we least expect. In any congregation that solicits donations, the excuse of having no cash has always been viable. However, SecureGive is a company that allows worshipers to utilize their plastic to make their offerings, making giving that much easier.

In the past, programs at various faith institutions have allowed the population to set up accounts that deposit their donation automatically. However, as coffers get filled and passed, being denied the opportunity to place something in the basket leaves many feeling as though they did not make the proper contribution. Even worse, some feel as though others are judging them for not chipping in. These kiosks solve this problem by producing paper receipts that allow those wishing to pay tithing to assuage their guilt by giving them something tangible to deposit into the collection plate.

While there is no law requiring that houses of worship remain antiquated, their roots in tradition and solemnity allow us to still be taken aback when we see examples of them using innovative gadgetry. With technology such as these kiosks on the rise in addition to other fast forms of payment (PayPal, Square) what’s next in the evolution of cash? Can we expect all monetary transactions to go digital? Tell us in the comments below or let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.