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Designing for the Holidays

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With the holidays upon us, many of our clients are seeking festive holiday-themed design work. While this may seem simple to most, many categorize the “holiday season” look and feel into that of a red and green variety, but I do recommend creating work that is religiously neutral. We live in a very diverse country and while Christmas is widely promoted, it is our responsibility to create pieces that are representative of a broader view, including other holidays celebrated here in the U.S.

To create designs that are neutral to all holidays this season, I start with a color scheme. Obviously red and green are a popular choice, but they tend to represent Christmas, even when they aren’t intended to. I typically lean towards using variations of maroons and blues. They still give off the holiday vibe, while avoiding representing any particular religion. Even pairing muted greens and blues together can have the same effect.

When working with iconography, it is best to avoid symbols that signify specific holidays.  I make it a habit to avoid using Christmas trees, stockings, Santa Claus, dreidels, and menorahs. Instead, I use unbiased icons like snowflakes, snowmen, and twinkle lights to make a design feel festive. These images are still holiday-themed symbols, but represent the season overall rather than any particular religious holiday.

I utilized both of these methods while working on the Holiday Office Party Dos and Don’ts infographic for G&A Partners. By combining a maroon and blue color scheme with iconography that was neutral to all holidays, we were able to create a graphic that avoided being biased towards any one holiday.

How will you keep your designs neutral this holiday season? Send your tips our way on Twitter, @integrateteam.

Written By Caitlyn Kaczmarek