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Hold Up On The Holidays

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We’ve made it past the Halloween hump and are in full-speed-ahead mode toward Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas. As I was pulling my Halloween costume together, I made a last minute trip to Walmart (on Halloween!) and almost had a heart attack when I saw that the North Pole had already moved in and thrown up all over the front of the store. We can’t even wait a full day after one holiday before we jump into the next one.

I get it. I love the holidays just as much as the next person, but let’s slow down to smell the pumpkin-spiced lattes, people. Why do retailers feel the need to put out the Christmas decorations before kiddos have finished trick-or-treating? It got me thinking…

Perhaps it’s because the rest of our universe is moving faster than it ever has before and retailers are just trying to beat each other to the holiday punch. Just like tweets are breaking news hours before the 5 o’clock broadcast, maybe Walmart wants to make sure their Christmas lights are out before Target gets theirs on the shelf.  It makes me feel like the holidays have turned into a giant war about who can do it faster, bigger and better. I hope we can all take a step back and remember what the upcoming season is really about.

Giving back. Some of the Integrate Public Relations clients are doing a fantastic job of starting the holiday season off on the right foot.  Jonathan’s The Rub is giving away a catered Thanksgiving Dinner to a local charity this year, Three Brother’s Bakery is giving back to their fans and followers with a new Pin it to Win it contest, Cafe Adobe is inviting its customers to meet Santa, while hosting a toy drive for needy children and Grand View Builders is donating to local military organizations during their “You Share, We Give” campaign.  It doesn’t have to be big, but try and do something extra special for a stanger this year.

Spending time with people we love. The holidays are the perfect time to gather with friends and family. I hope you relish the time spent together and enjoy making memories this holiday season.

Being Thankful. Take the time to say thank you as many times as possible in the upcoming months. Whether you’re thanking a fellow team member for help on a project or thanking a stranger for opening a door, those two simple words can truly brighten someone’s day.

Written by: Ashley Tucker