October 1, 2013 By blogging

Hashtagging: For Fun or For Work?

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Recently the “#Hashtag” video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake went viral. The video was sent around to the entire Integrate Public Relations team, and everyone found it hilarious. But after watching it we had to ask ourselves the inevitable question, “Do we talk like this?”

Yes, we do sometimes talk like this. We work in public relations, we’re obsessed with social media and we’re always trying to stay up-to-date with the newest, hippest trends. (Do people still refer to things as hip? Just kidding…kind of.) It just so happens that hashtagging is currently one of those trends…and we love it!

We love coming up with clever, funny hashtags. And if you’ve never tried talking in hashtags, do it! You’ll have some great laughs.

Besides providing comic relief, hashtags actually have an important purpose in the world of public relations and across social media platforms. Hashtagging words or phrases provides a means of sorting and grouping different messages on social media sites. Therefore making it a lot easier for people to search for things online.

Hashtags are useful for us, as PR professionals, when we’re working on our clients’ social media sites. Just because we’re hashtagging for work doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun!  #welovePR #hashtaggingisfun

The newest hashtag our team will be using is #KoozieKam. Make sure you follow integrate on Instagram to stay up-to-date with us, and to see where the #KoozieKam will go next!

Written by: Julia Parsons