March 6, 2011 By blogging

Google Doodle Alert!

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There’s another Google doodle up so you know we have to give you an update about it! If at first glance the doodle looks like a clip from a comic strip, that’s because it honors renowned comic artist and writer, Will Eisner.

Eisner is considered to be one of the most influential founders to the industry and is the creator behind the hit series The Spirit—which is most likely what the doodle image refers to.

Eisner passed away in January of 2005. The doodle commemorates his birthday today; he would have been his 94.

Eisner was one of three inaugural inductees into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1987, alongside Carl Barks and Jack Kirby. In further appreciation of his contributions, the industry named their annual awards ceremony the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards.