February 25, 2011 By blogging

Google Becomes Your Digital Cookbook

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If you’re in to cooking, then you will be really excited about this news. Yesterday Google began to rollout a feature that makes hunting for recipes not only easier, but it also gives users the power to be very specific in what they want.

The feature is called “Recipe View” and it lets users specify exactly what they want through an ingredient filter. The filter offers a variety of selections beyond ingredients, including a filter by calorie content, time it takes to cook, Oriins of the recipe and others.

Search results come complete with pictures, ingredients and instructions, as well as a five-star rating system—so you can see if others liked that recipe you’ve been dying to try.

It’s a versatile feature that will serve useful for a variety of people. Whether it’s the on the go mom who needs to find fast dinner ideas, or the college student who is looking for an affordable recipe with minimum ingredients—“Recipe View” will be helpful.

We’re curious to see how this new Google feature will affect recipe-based sites such as AllRecipes.com. The addition of features like Google Weddings and “Recipe View” all become potential threats for niche sites.

The only question is, will Google’s features succeed or are they spreading themselves to thin? Are any of you recipe-based site users, and if so which will you use?