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Fun My Life – The New FML?

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#FML. You’ve said it in one way or another, admit it. But how is this well-know acronym evolving into something significantly more pleasant? Fun My Life is the new slogan for the beloved American dessert, Jell-O. Jell-O is truly timeless. Name one time you’ve gone through the line at Luby’s and not picked up a colorful Jell-O dessert at the end of the line! You can find people of all ages eating it, and it comes in a countless number of flavors that are sold in virtually every grocery or food store in America. Kraft has decided that it is time for Jell-O to modernize, hence #FML, Fun My Life.

How did Fun My Life originate? As Social Media Today details, Kraft sabotaged the profane FML hashtag back in May with the intent to morph it into Fun My Life. With the exception of Jell-O shots and The Office Jell-O episode, the jiggly stuff has been struggling to stay relevant. This new slogan is part of Kraft’s initiative to change the way Jell-O is perceived, and they hope to portray Jell-O as more of a snack as opposed to a dessert, since Americans are increasingly moving away from desserts. Admittedly, the team at Integrate Public Relations can certainly appreciate a good snack!

The new slogan and image evoke creativity and humor, and will continue to be seen in their marketing and social media efforts. The new FML campaign does have its share of fans and critics, as Huffington Post reports. However, if successful, this could be a great lesson in rebranding and marketing, but will this rebranding and persistence help their sales and pay off, or will it fall flat? What do you think of the take-over of this commonly used hashtag?

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