September 27, 2012 By blogging

Food [Truck] Fight!

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Although invisible to the naked eye, there’s a food war going on in the streets of Houston. Food trucks are not allowed in downtown Houston because the city regulations, which state that, propane-operated trucks cannot be parked on the street.  However, when you take to the web, it is easy to see the #SLGT foodie scene is in an uproar. The dispute lies in the industry changes that food truck vendors would like to see, which include:

The food trucks of Houston have banded together to form the Mobile Food Unit Houston who define themselves as: “A collective of micro-entrepreneurs looking to further increase our city’s unique and affordable food options and business successes.”

If you would like to support these proposed changes to make it easier for food trucks to operate in the downtown area, you can do so here by signing the petition.

What’s your take on the food truck fight? Do you think that there is true competition between food trucks and the restaurant industry? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook.