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Finding Your Voice

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So much of the work we do in the communications world surrounds working with clients (and our own business) to create a voice that ultimately establishes a brand identity. Once we create this voice, we’re constantly working with our clients to fine tune, revamp and make sure the voice grows, improves and stays current in the ever-changing marketplace. Fortunately for our ongoing clients, we take care of much of this thinking, strategizing and fine-tuning for them. But what if your budget is small? What if you can’t take on an agency full time, but still need help creating a voice and a larger plan to accompany it?

For businesses that fall into this latter category, we’re still here to help, thanks to our award-winning Find Your Voice program.  Through Find Your Voice, we meet businesses’ needs as they stand and work with the internal communications or administrative professionals that are already on board to ensure that they have all of the tools and training necessary to properly message their business, organization or product.

As an example, local non-profit arts organization, Chamber Music Houston was interested in a plan, but didn’t necessarily have the time or funds to create one on their own. What they did have was a wonderful volunteer who was willing to take on implantation once a plan was in place. Through Find Your Voice, Integrate created a public relations and social media strategy that the organization could carry out all season long, along with the media outlets they should work with and helpful tips and tricks of how to execute their media outreach. We even met with the entire Board of Directors to share social media and public relations best practices. Our plan enabled the organization to create strong alliances with dozens of members of the media.

We love working with businesses in this capacity and seeing them prosper through some strategic marketing assistance. We’ll work with you and your team to fully understand your communications needs, your successes, your missed opportunities, your target audiences, and more, to create a dynamic, easy to follow public relations, social media, community relations and marketing strategy and guidebook for how to implement said strategy. Some past clients have even called it a “PR and Social Media for Dummies” toolkit, although we wouldn’t dare consider any of our clients or partners dummies, as everyone has the potential to communicate to the public beautifully, if given the best tools possible to do so.

I’d highly recommend our Find Your Voice platform for small or growing businesses, new products, non-profit organizations, businesses with smaller budgets, or if you have an incredible communications professional on staff who could benefit from in-depth training and a customized strategy.

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Written By Jenny Gustafson