July 18, 2013 By blogging

Feeling the need to unplug?

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With summer in full swing, it is easy to feel the need to get away from the world and just relax, leaving the overwhelming influx of social media stimuli far behind. But do you actually put away the social media sites and truly escape, or are you addicted to staying in touch, for fear you’ll miss out on something?

Apparently, some psychologists have concluded that Facebook addiction is an actual condition …seriously. Additionally, a recent study conducted by MyLife.com found that more than 50% of Internet users in the US have taken, or are thinking about taking, a social media vacation. These facts beg the question, how long can you go without tweeting, posting, commenting, pinning, or gram-ing?

The Today Show’s Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie took on a 24-hour Twitter detox challenge. Both were very optimistic in their powers to resist the little white bird. The actual outcome: neither lasted for more than 2 hours without tweeting.  They are, however, some of the most visible reporters in the nation, and they certainly have important information to share!

Being in the Public Relations biz, social media plays a huge part in our day-to-day interactions, and we think it is FANTASTIC! It allows us to connect with more people, get client news out there, share exciting events and photos, and keep up with what is going on around us. But are we, as individuals, social media addicts?

I’m heading home this weekend to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, and I think it will be the perfect opportunity to try a social media detox. She deserves my undivided attention on her day, after all, and something tells me I won’t explode if I unplug for a day or two. It might even be refreshing! That’s not to say I won’t use Pinterest to come up with some totally creative birthday party ideas… surely they have a retirement home category, right?