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We welcomed the Facebook IPO with open arms, and as of yesterday, June 5th, 2012, Facebook stock fell for the third consecutive day. The stock closed at $25.87: 32 percent below its initial public offering price of $38 dollars. Additionally, according to a poll taken by Reuters/Ipsos, 34 percent of Facebook users say they spend less time on the site than they did six months ago, and an astonishing 80 percent claim that they have never purchased a single thing because of one of its ads. Adding insult to injury, as you may have seen on our Facebook page, the newlywed Zuckerberg was publicly criticized recently for failing to tip at an Italian restaurant overseas.

Guess this isn’t really The Zuck’s finest hour.

There is always the issue of Facebook users not being happy about adjusting to the new updates of the user interface. But while Facebook sees these evolutionary changes as necessary in order to intrigue users and maintain steady traffic, will users simply get fed up and finally leave the social network once and for all? With the unpopular Timeline format continuing to roll out to the 900 million users of Facebook, we wonder if these dissatisfied users really will follow through with their promises? With the social network currently under scrutiny, the IntegratePR team often gets asked if we think “Facebook will be here forever?”

Our answer often is that communication will continue to be the only constant. The idea behind any new tool, vehicle or medium that is used to engage an audience is simple: that it will improve communication in one’s every day life. As PR and social media experts, we believe that it is necessary to stay abreast of the constant changes in the industry, and where our audiences truly lie. If they remain on Facebook, so will we. Because we are so entrenched in the industry, we can therefore help to shape the way that people are influenced.  We will continue to roll with the punches and keep our eyes and minds open for the next big thing.