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Facebook Faceoff Part 2

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Today’s 24-hour news cycle, available because of the speed of social media  and digital communications has both helped and hindered communications in the world of politics. Newt Gingrich utilized YouTube to provide a preemptive announcement for his campaign suspension. Mitt Romney’s camp was forced to take immediate action via social networks against public criticism of his wife.

With the 2012 Presidential Election candidates able to gauge and rally support from their constituents via social media channels, how have the candidates been stacking up since our last election check in? As far as the remaining Republican candidates are concerned, the numbers are heavily balanced in the favor of the projected Republican candidate, Mitt Romney.

So just like we see Facebook pages die when a campaign comes to a close (a big no no), what happens to a page after a candidate ends his campaign? Newt Gingrich has seemingly “signed offline,” with no new postings since his farewell statement of “Uniting to defeat Barack Obama” and it seems that he has not realized the importance of continuing to build his social media presence. Rick Santorum however, has continued to proactively endorse the Republican Party, continuously posting new videos, articles and calls to action in the same manner in which he ran his campaign.

And what about the state of our current President? Obama has well over 25 times as many “likes” as the leading Republican candidate. But what do these numbers mean? How much is a “like” worth? Does an American that has enough vested interests to follow a candidate on Facebook have enough interest to make a move to the polls?

As all marketers know, ROI on social media numbers is a tricky thing to measure. Influence is hardly a tangible idea, but the idea of counting things such as comments or likes can cause a rise in expectations that may fail to translate in a physical versus digital space. Do you have any expectations on the outcome of the election after seeing the preceding social media numbers? Make sure to post your prediction on our Facebook page!