November 3, 2014 By integrate

Establishing Relationships With Colleagues

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Being the new employee in the office can be a trying time, especially when it comes to learning the office dynamics.  One of the best things that you can do would be to establishing relationships with your colleagues.  By following these few simple steps you will be well on your way to building a bond with those that are always just a few steps away.

Look your best.  When you look your best, you do your best.  Looking presentable tells your colleagues that you respect them enough to put thought into your appearance.  It also shows that you want to represent them and your company in a good light.

Be On Time.  Being on time is a form of good manner.  It shows others that you value their time and schedule as much as your own.  It also allows for you to be more efficient through out the day. Furthermore, make it a point to turn in all your assignments on time as well.

Manners Matter.  Being courteous to others doesn’t mean simply exchanging mundane pleasantries. When you are conversing, make sure to not only hear but to listen and respond appropriately. Get in the habit of using words like please, thank you and excuse me in your every day vocabulary.

Respect Boundaries and Get Organized. Although having a clean and organized work area may not be for everyone; if you share any workspace make sure to keep it as organized as possible.  If you don’t share any office space, then make sure to respect boundaries when crossing into your colleague’s section.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due. Recognize your colleague’s accomplishments no matter how big or small. A few heart felt words expressing your gratitude or your astonishment /admiration for their accomplishment will suffice.

Put the WE before the ME.  Being a team player is imperative; it’s your duty to make sure that you are always doing what is best for the company. A company will thrive when its employees come together to reach their goals.

If all else fails and these tips escape you, remember that you already know everything you need to…you learned it in kindergarten.

Written by Alyssa Austin