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Election Coverage pt. 4 – The Pizza Party

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Pizza Hut is offering free pizza for life to anyone who is able to ask President Obama or Mitt Romney if they prefer sausage or pepperoni pizza. People will have the opportunity to ask the question during the town-hall style debate on October 16th. Pizza for life means a $520 gift card every year for up to 30 years; full information about the promotion is available via their official press release.

As far as Pizza Hut’s public relations is concerned, this promotion is already getting editorial coverage in major news outlets. While the overall tone of the campaign is lighthearted, given that the audacious question would most likely make a mockery of the debate, many who will be watching will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see if anyone asks the questions at hand. A good campaign spreads an idea and Pizza Hut has certainly made people aware of their brand through this unique promotion.

While we admire the creativity of this stunt, we do still want to think about the ramifications of using this method to get a message out. Although this is an effective way of promoting their business, people may begin to perceive Pizza Hut as a brand that does not take the debates or the election seriously. If they are in fact, able to convince someone to ask this question on live television, it is quite possible that many people will be upset that this has taken up precious debate time.

Do you think that this marketing ploy was a good or a bad idea? Will your answer depend on if someone is able to successfully ask the question during the debate? Send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.