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Delay of iPhone5??

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Although Apple has yet to officially announce the release of the iPhone5, it has been generally expected that the latest generation of the popular smart phone would be released at the end of the summer; as Apple has made a habit for the past four years.

However, it is now rumored that Apple will delay the release of the new phone until next fall. For the past three years, Apple has announced each new generation of the phone at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

Yesterday the announcement of this year’s WWDC promised the unveiling of the future of the iOS and MacOS technology, but didn’t mention the iPhone5. Reports are now floating around that the WWDC will be a software-based conference this year as opposed to hardware.

Another report claims Apple has yet to even order the parts for the new phone, and since it takes Apple around 6 months to assemble, a summer timeline does not seem to fit.

Instead, it is thought that Apply may wait until September or October to release the new phone, which is after the start of their 2012 fiscal year. The supposed delay mat be the result of the recently released Verizon iPhone4.

The availability of the phone through the new service provider has given Apple an estimated 100 million potential new customers. The company may be cautious of releasing the new generation too early in light of those new customers.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see; either way the announcement is something to look forward. The next generation is rumored to have a larger screen, better camera, new chip technology, and a metal back. Who knows what other features Apple could have up their sleeve?!