November 14, 2013 By blogging

De-Mess the Stress

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Here at Integrate Public Relations, we are coming off of the whirlwind that is our “busy season.” We love busy season – that means we are having fun, making connections and doing A LOT of what we love to do. But, a lot of times it can also mean heightened stress levels. The team could not be more grateful for our fearless leader, Allie, who treated us to massages to help us unwind and re-focus last week.

So with the hustle and bustle of the holidays barreling towards us, we have a few tips for you to help manage your stress at work.

Scrolling through Facebook, we found a genius solution that will only cost you a piece of paper and some ink. It may even get a laugh, too!

We are lucky enough to have a couch in our office, which has been offered up, but seldom used, for a nap. But catching a 10-minute power nap during the day can be hugely beneficial, for your mind, body and overall health. It will help you return to your desk feeling fresh, with the creative juices flowing.

We are all familiar with the terrible term, “stress-eating”. The solution? Bring or suggest healthy alternatives for in-office snacks. We are an office of food-lovers, so this way, at least the extra eating is healthy!

Finally, pets, particularly dogs, are known to help their humans cope emotionally, and their presence in an office can be therapeutic and relieve stress. It’s no secret we love our dogs, and cats, here at Integrate, and our furry friends would make an entertaining addition to the staff.

So, if you are feeling the extra holiday stress and strain, take a second to breathe, find a friend with a pet, have a healthy snack or nap, and don’t forget to laugh!

How well do you know our office? Who do these furry friends belong to? Share your thoughts, pet pics and stress-relieving tips with us on Facebook or Twitter!