June 1, 2016 By blogging

Dazzling Success on Twitter

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Here at Integrate, we specialize in utilizing the various burgeoning social media platforms to expand our clients’ reach, and our most recent activation with Brian Gavin Diamonds stands as a perfect example of how we create partnerships and expand audiences, all from behind the computer.

Using Twitter as a forum for conversation is a highly effective tool, and is something that our team has been quick at integrating into our clients’ strategies. Most recently, we launched a Twitter Chat for the client we so lovingly call BGD, in partnership with Whole Heart & Home, a lifestyle blog that organically shared some of BGD’s content last fall. Our team recognized the reach that Amy Jones (the voice behind WH&H) had, and reached out to create a working partnership between her blog and Brian Gavin Diamonds. After seeing the success of the recent #WHHBaby Twitter Chat she held, we reached out and presented the idea for a BGD Twitter Chat that would engage both brands and offer those who participated a chance to win two $100 gift cards and 4 jewelry rolls from Brian Gavin Diamonds.

The goal of the chat was to raise brand awareness through a partnership with a company that had an audience with similar interests, but that was unique to our client, and to increase traffic to the Brian Gavin Diamonds website. Additionally, Integrate wanted to position Brian as a thought leader in the luxury jewelry sphere, which was executed through the content of the chat.

Whole Heart & Home asked its Twitter followers questions regarding their jewelry, including favorite styles, best care tips and engagement stories. Over 100 people actively participated in the chat, and every few questions, WH&H would pick a Twitter user who was contributing to the conversation as one of the prize winners. During the online event, our social media team member, tweeting on behalf of our client, @BrianGavin, offered advice, relevant educational posts, and jewelry pieces that correlated to questions being asked. This direct engagement gave the conversation an intimate and personal feeling, and the Brian Gavin Diamonds Twitter account garnered 30 new followers in a single evening.

Using the #WHHBling hashtag to track mentions and tweets, Brian Gavin Diamonds saw an incredible amount of engagement. The #WWHBling hashtag had tweets from popular Twitter accounts like @dreamaga_zine and travel blogger @bjkbrady, both with over 20,000 followers. Links to the BGD website were tweeted 345 times, and links to the blog were tweeted an additional 58 times. Thanks to tweets, mentions and retweets, along with the active participation and quick responses from the Brian Gavin Diamonds Twitter account that we were (wo)manning, the hashtag #WWHBling garnered 4,237,500 potential impressions and an average of 282,500 daily impressions.

We’re absolutely blown away by the impressive numbers of this Twitter activation, but not surprised at all! Maintaining a position of innovation and constant growth is a cornerstone of our methodology here at Integrate, and this a perfect example of how staying up-to-date with the current landscape and constantly churning out creative ideas delivers results. Brian Gavin Diamonds (and our team) is excited to see what fresh ideas we’ll come up with next! Stay tuned…