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Consumer Council : Bitly customer service

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Consumers are in general very averse to change. While these regular updates are necessary in order to maintain interest and engagement, a constantly changing interface leaves a foul taste in the mouth of the general public. Facebook may be the best example of this type of scenario, as with each new change in their layout, disgruntled users overtly voice their opinions. Coincidentally memes such as the one below that showed their ire were posted on the very site that they were upset about.

However, what happens when a company listens to the angry complaints of their consumers? Bit.ly is a free link shortening service that once allowed users to simply shorten from their homepage without even a pre requisite log in, which is quite unheard of in the digital age. However, two weeks ago when they updated to their latest version, the new link shortening process required three whole clicks – a veritable eon in our time of 3 second stories. Users were upset about the long process and complained that Bit.ly made a once simple process completely over complicated. Their developers listened and re-re-designed their interface to now only be a two click process, stating

“We mean it when we say we’ve been reading all your tweets and emails. And we’re listening! In the week since our release, we’re already making adjustments, so that saving and shortening links in the new bitly is a whole lot easier.”

Well thanks bit.ly, we appreciate it! And we love it when brands do things RIGHT every once in a while! But let’s think for a minute what they could have done better here…

When a product, service or piece of software gets upgraded, there’s usually a reason. While the consumers may not see the advantages of an upgrade, on the back end, small tweaks have been made to ultimately make things better for the end user. It may be that the new Bit.ly helped to track users or generate other demographic data. However, communicate this with us, especially when your product/service’s target audience is of the hyper-googling, social media ridden, demographic.

The fact that their public relations team was able to share feedback with them so that they very quickly made necessary changes is a testament to their teamwork and collaboration; if you know us at IPR you know that this is something that we heavily value with our clients and partners – it’s essentially a game changer in how business gets done. Listening to consumer input and having the flexibility to respond can have a great effect on your long-term brand value to your loyal customers, something that is truly invaluable. Great job Bit.ly!